Frequently Asked Questions

Roadside Auto Assistance Center

We are only one call away. Call us within UAE 8004623 (toll free)

Do not get stranded! Join RAC and be a happy motorist!! Enjoy free roadside assistance throughtout the year!!!.

  • 1) What is RAC ?
  • 2) What is emergency roadside assistance service ?
  • 3) What are the various roadside assistance services available at RAC ?
  • 4) What is the telephone number to call RAC on?
  • 5) Any spare parts supplied and installed by RAC during minor mechanical adjustments?
  • 6) Who can get these services from RAC ?
  • 7) Which are the motor vehicles that are eligible to covered by RAC membership? Is there any eligibility criterion?
  • 8) How does one become a member of RAC ?
  • 9) What is the RAC annual membership fee?
  • 10) What are the service charges for various RAC services?
  • 11) How many times in a year a member can get RAC services for free?
  • 12) Any other restrictions on the services?
  • 13) If the car covered under RAC membership is sold and a new car is bought, will it be covered and if so what is the procedure?
  • 14) What are the places where RAC services are available?
  • 15) Is inter-city or inter-emirate towing available and if so what are the charges?
  • 16) Is there any restriction on the driver(s) driving the car covered under RAC membership programme?
  • 17) Is towing service available from basement parking or multi-level parking lots?
  • 18) If any RAC member drives a vehicle other than the one registered with RAC and require service, can he or she get free service?
  • 19) If additional services such as car key collection from place of work or residence of the member are required, are they covered under  RAC membership?
  • 20) What is expected of the RAC members?